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Things to do when you are a Loner with no Hobbies

I know, lame title. I’m not trying to make fun of anyone, but myself with this one!

It’s difficult to find things to do with your free time when you either don’t have hobbies or your friends are unavailable/nonexistent.

My situation is the beautiful result of years of bullying, moving to a new country and a terrible tendency to not keeping contact with people.

Since I spend most of my time alone, I learned how to get around my boredom and make it a positive in my reasonably stressful life.

Here are a couple small pastimes to beat the boredom from your friendly neighbor Enith:


  • Move more!

    I get it; you want to be a couch potato. I like to be a couch potato, but it was starting to mess up with my incredibly hyperactive and pessimistic mind, so, I picked up the old habit of going to the gym. 

    I just wanted something to give my mind a break, but it has genuinely become an essential part of my day.

    Mind you; I go to the gym alone, first thing in the morning, so I have the rest of the day ahead of me.
    The good energy I get from sweating and moving around helps me to set up positive intentions for the day, and it’s a good way to spend two hours of my day on myself.

  • Support local – not just for the hype of it

    When I go to chain stores or restaurants, I feel like I have to distance myself from the staff, as in, it feels weird to ask them for help, and sometimes they seem to ignore when you when you are looking for the perfect blouse.

    I like to buy most of my things locally for many reasons. It’s good for the economy of my city, it helps entrepreneurs, the products are made with exceptional standards of quality in mind and on most occasions are unique pieces; it’s also more sustainable to buy my produce locally most of the time.

    I enjoy learning about cool people and supporting local businesses connects me with incredible people that are passionate about something, so much so that they created a business out of it!

    When you support local (go to local markets, small community events, buy quality garments and more), you get the chance to learn more about a new community in your city. It’s a great feel-good sensation all around.

  • Learn something new

    Free time is an excellent tool for personal development. For example, since I’m not a native English speaker, I enjoy reading and writing so I can practice more, but that’s not all! I’m trying to learn how to code since my boyfriend makes it look exciting and it’s such a vital skill in this day and age. You get the point, pen and paper will take you a long way when you are bored.


These are just a few of the things I like to do, but let me know your tips and tricks to beat boredom in the comments below.

Stay Bubbly,

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