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The Downside of Weight Loss Journeys

I’m always struggling with my weight and my overall health.

I always feel too square, too chubby and too tired to deal with any of it. My stomach likes to put me through hardships every once in a while since I got diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome and the stress triggered my gastritis. 

It’s not that I’m overweight or anything too extreme… I just don’t love how I feel every day when I’m getting ready and take a hard look in the mirror. That pushed me to start counting calories and (trying) working out.


The main reason to do anything is to want to be your better self. I gained 30 pounds since I started living on my own (aka cue the freshman 15 and all the days of stress and binge eating).

Not going to lie, my family was asking how much weight I put on too much the last time I saw them, and that made me sad and angry.


Moving on from all that backstory, I have made some pretty substantial progress in my opinion. I have lost 10 pounds, stopped drinking juices and pops, eat fewer sweets and portion better my meals.


The downside is that I haven't been able to feel better about it.


I can finally feel a bit comfier wearing some of my old clothes, but it feels like it’s not enough.


People don't tell you how hard it gets when you hit a plateau. How sad you feel when you see no changes. How weird you feel when you judge meals from a caloric standpoint and not the nutritional one, or you flat out stop eating certain foods that were once your favourites.


If you are on a weight loss journey this is my message for you:

  • Don’t let calories control your life and numbers on a scale to dictate if you are healthy or not.
  • The most important things you need is yourself and your patience.
  • Keep going only if it makes you happy, and you see improvement in the way you live.


Overall, I’m going to continue this really messy road with some self-love and kindness. Healthy doesn’t mean low-calory, and I finally understand that.

My journey will end when I feel happy in my skin, not when the scale shows me a magic number.


Stay Bubbly,



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