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Get to know the artists behind the ‘Anything and Everything’ Exhibition!

The name of this show is not to be taken lightly. Jacob Mallet and Lane Derbyshire are interesting guys, and their art speaks volumes of how young artists don’t necessarily need to feel unreachable.


When I talked to them for this little piece, I can assure you they were the coolest interviewees I have had in a while. Passionate about art, down to Earth and willing to chat about everything if you just ask.


Jacob is a student of Beal Art in the Grade 14 – Specialist program for Painting and Lithography (printing in limestone), but he does all different mediums. You might also recognize him as a tie dye enthusiast.


His art draws from Fauvism (a genre of art), where strong colours and painterly qualities overrule the realistic values we tend to see in the Impressionism period. In his words, ‘It was a movement in Paris. It had a lot of positivity in it without relying on a positive message with it. It was more like you are talking with people with colour. It relaxes people.


He draws from childhood memories, personal experiences, his face in abstracted ways, and he feels as though his paintings flourish more when he’s happy.

Jacob is grateful for the support he receives from his family. His mom does some fiber art, his brothers and Jacob himself did a lot of theater


You can see his art popping out all over London. At the time of this interview (June 13th), he had a show going on in Chill (a frozen treats place in Downtown London) and showed four paintings at the ARTS Project for Visual Fringe.


He will soon be parting to Montreal for a BFA in Painting and Drawing.


The other half of this show is Lane Derbyshire, a 20-year old construction worker, and artist.


When he was 14, he lost all of his art in a devastating house fire. After that, he started creating a massive collection of mostly drawings trying to recover his collection. During that time, he switched schools to Beal where he started the printmaking program. Today he is the program’s technician.


Printmaking uses things like nitric acid and harsher chemicals to create beautiful art.


Lane describes his art as an exercise for himself, ‘It’s more to perfect than to create. There’s a lot of people saying ‘well I’m passionate about this because it relates to me’ and so, I want to cut the ‘I’ out of art. I want to revert to using limitations to break our boundaries, so by setting restrictions you find ways to work around them, and that to me is more valuable than having something that you care about and make art for it.’


He has displayed over 25 shows. This year alone he has done four shows. He has shown his art in almost every gallery in London, and he sold everything he had in his last show.


‘I’m just trying to provide an easy gateway for people to engage with the art by any means necessary,’ said Lane when I asked him what he wanted people to take away from the show.


Lane and Jacob are super excited to show in Wisdom Café. Lane said it will be great because people will come to the café and see their art during their visit, and that is personal and nostalgic. He says that later he will be able to come back and say ‘yeah, I showed at that café.’ Jacob said it will be nice to get out of the gallery setting and be able to show in a more comfy space.


Anything and Everything will be shown from June 22nd to July 30th  at Wisdom Teashop in 610 Dundas St, London, ON.


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