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Fatalist don’t live that long anyway

My sense of humor is fairly self-deprecating and acid. Mainly because I’m a fatalist, but also because I’m awkward and I like people to take me seriously but not too much.

We shy away from fatalist data, and a bright and positive light shines on everyday occurrences. Here’s the thing, I always thought people with an optimistic bone die faster.

A confident guy not wearing a helmet because he believes nothing bad will happen is the same one whom later finds himself in the hospital with head severe trauma.

Okay, too extremist, but we do take stupid decisions with a “What’s the worse that can happen?” kinda attitude and that concerns me sometimes.

I overthink everything. Love, work, social life, everything undergoes extensive research, and then I explore every single worse case scenario like that’s going to prepare me for the worse.

Guess what? I’m not living longer than an optimist since I overlook the good things and end up just making life harder for myself and everyone else.

Balance is a thing I lack but you know I’m going to do my best to get some before I pop a vein in my forehead… again.

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