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Dont’s of writing a letter of resignation

Most people know I’m an anxious person and an overthinker. That is an awful combo when you want to quit your job and start something new.


The idea itself is terrifying. A million and five things could go wrong. That kind of pressure wrecks any small pieces of sanity I still have hanging around.


I recently had to write a letter of resignation and the whole ordeal was enough to make me second guess my existence.


To make it short, let me show a list of things you shouldn’t do when writing your letter of resignation:


  • Labeling yourself a traitor: I was feeling sad for resigning even when I wasn’t happy working there. If I was a traitor, it was to myself for favoring me being likable for someone else instead of making myself happy.
  • Ignoring the opinion of the people in your life: I knew what I wanted to do. My boyfriend supported me, my best friends encouraged me, yet I was willing to ignore everyone and stay just for the sake of a comfort zone. The lesson is that while you don’t always have to listen to other people sometimes is worth listening to your special someones.
  • Worst case scenario is the only possible scenario: No. Just no. Deciding that the worst possible thing will happen is setting yourself for a crisis. When I gave my letter to my boss, she was immensely happy and was very supportive. Obviously, I got lucky, but that doesn’t mean I needed to torture myself when there were more possibilities.
  • Forgetting the things that made you leave: There’s sentimental value in everything you put your effort and passion. Don’t let your feelings create an ideal memory of your job. You have a reason to leave, and if it was significant enough to consider getting a new job, do yourself a favor and stop second guessing yourself.


It’s already hard enough to get a new job, don’t attack yourself when you can invest your energy in being awesome and conquering those job interviews!


Stay bubbly,



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