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Compassion, Empathy and Communication: Humanity’s biggest flaws.

I have been telling this to almost everyone I know for the past month because I think I can get a general feel of why we, as humans, can’t get along.

If you simplified most of your arguments with people, or any of the problems the world has right now, you might come back to the lack of one or more of these principles.


Communication, Compassion and Empathy.


While we say we like to hear other people’s opinions, our personal biases lead us to second guess outside perspectives and close our minds to what we believe is right and truthful.

It runs into cliché territory, but we don’t listen to understand, we listen to answer back, and that closeness makes us create a bubble for our thoughts and the people that agree with us.


Dehumanizing a person when they are stuck in a problem is the simplest way to not feeling responsible for it, not that we are, but at some point, we contribute to the continuation of someone’s suffering, and here’s how.

When you put your heart into helping someone and abandon the need of getting rewarded for it, you spread the idea that you can help someone else, so they can get on their feet and be the better version of themselves. That possibility alone is a good reason to help someone any day.

Judging takes us to boxes with incomplete labels, that should ultimately get discarded.

Compassion allows you not only to see other people as humans, but it also lets you be a real person, capable of everything, even making mistakes.


Empathy is a tricky one.

Too much empathy, people take advantage of you. Too little empathy, you can’t relate to people.

The willingness of putting yourself on someone else’s shoes takes courage and a good chunk of selfless love.

When we open our hearts to understanding the struggles and accomplishments of those around you, you can genuinely connect with them and create something unique.

If we could look past appearances, situations and be willing to listen without judging, I firmly believe that we could make the world a kinder, warmer place to call home.


What are your thoughts on this? Let me know!

Stay Bubbly,


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