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Auto-Sabotage and You: Why on Earth do you do that?

Here goes a little story. I’m currently in the middle of a new era in my adult life. After about three years of struggling to lose weight, I did it!

I hired a personal trainer, I started eating healthy, and I learn that I can do be a stronger, compassionate and dedicated person, no negativity necessary and that brought so much joy to my life. Here’s the kicker, I lost 20lbs but I went into a month of intermittent binging, and I have officially recovered 10 of those pounds.

Why do we do this? I say ‘we’ because asking around I found out that most people I know fall into cycles of ‘OMG I’m doing great in life, and I’m so happy,’ and then they start actively taking decisions to stale/destroy/reverse the progress and accomplishments they fought so hard.

Personally speaking, I have underlying self-esteem issues. I recognized that when I’m close to my big goals, I just quit it, feeling not deserving of that amount of happiness.
As humans, we like to have a purpose, an endpoint, and we might try our best to get there, but willpower is not exactly everyone’s cup of tea.

I might battle with these tendencies for a good chunk of my life, maybe as I grow up and get a bit more confident, I will rely more on perseverance and dedication.

I’ll let you with this small thought:

It doesn’t matter whether you are pursuing success in business, sports, the arts, or life in general: The bridge between wishing and accomplishing is discipline. — Harvey Mackay

We don’t have to keep pushing through the fog only with your willpower and discipline. After you keep yourself committed to a goal, the habit and routine will allow you to make it a part of your day, week and eventually, a lifestyle.

I might stumble every once in a while, I will more likely overindulge in the future, but I know I’m worth more than my petty excuses and half-baked tries. I believe in my strength and ability to be stubborn enough to not being able to quit the goal I have myself set on.

I’m no longer looking for plain weightloss and frivolous appearance. I’m here in search of my health, taking care of my body, and hey, if tone legs and a defined back are a result of that search, then so be it.

So what’s the course of action? Simple:

  • Recognize the problem and own your mess.
  • Go back to what works. If you had something that made you feel in control, go back to that until you get yourself in balance.
  • Don’t dwell on it. There’s no progress in the past, and there’s nothing more irritating than a sad song playing on a loop.
  • Keep moving. You are capable of everything you put your mind into, just give it a go and don’t overthink about it.

Let me know how you deal with this topic!
Until then, Stay Bubbly

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